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Full name:- Zahid Hussain Kalhoro
Caste:- Kalhoro
D-O-B:- 9-set-1975
Place of birth:- Karachi
Birth day Star:- Virgo
Education:- Graduate
Ideal Teacher: Sir M.Ali.Mahoto & Mairaj Uddin *
Name Of Primary
Education Institution: Baqa Grammar School*
Name Of Secondary
Education Institution: Aitchison Collage Lahore*
Name Of Higher
Education Institution: G.D.Collage*
Book Of Choice: Holy Quarn *
Ideal Peot: William Shakespeare *
Activities: Weightlifting, Reading Books,Music, chating *
Extra Curricular: Horse riding,Swimming, and football *
Fav: Number: 55 , 07, and 143
Flower Of Choice: Jasmine, Rose *
Color Of Choice: Black , Pink and Yellow
Game Of Choice: Cricket *
Fav: Cricketer: Moin Khan, Abdur Razzak, Shoaib Akhtar *
Fav City: K.Murree, Karachi, Larkana *
Fav: Country Singapore, Pakistan
Fav: Song. Dil Mera Tood Diya (Kasoor)
Sub kuch bhoola diya
And I like Sad songs More
Fav:Male Singer: Adnan Sami Khan, Rahim Shah
Fav: Female singer: Alishah and Britney Spears
Fav:Film: Titanic, Terminator 2,
Hum Tum Pe Martee Hai
Fav: Actor: Govinda, Shahrukh , Arnold *
Fav: Actress: Amisha, Urmila and Riya sen *
Fav: M. Dancer: Hritic Roshan and M.Jackson *
Fav: F. Dancer: Sushmita Sen and Urmila *
Best year: 1996 and 2002 *
Best days of my life: 6 feb 1996,( 1st 6th 13th mar 2002 )*
Fruit of choice:- Banana. Graphs
Unfulfilled Wish: She Could Be Not Mine :(
Aim Of Life: Software Eng: D.P.O, Help Needed Peoples *
Hateful Peoples: Delude,unciviled,Hypocrite, Who Cheats, Who Underestimate Other’s Feelings *
What Is Life: Life Is Competition *
Message: Make An Idea, Think Of It, Dream Of It And Live Up To It*

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